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The landlord insurance market has followed in the footsteps of the Buy To Let Property boom. Whilst buy to let mortgage rates have been driven down in recent years so have the landlords insurance premiums. Many of the large Insurance companies have offered specific schemes for landlords, for instance Endsleigh, Hiscox, Norwich Union and a whole host of other 'top named' brands.

We know that landlords are the most discerning type of customer, they demand good insurance cover along with rock bottom premiums.

Despite the landlords discerning qualities he/she does not have time to look for the up-to date landlords insurance news, best landlords insurance quotes and the best insurance coverage.

With the onset of the web and good search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo the landlord can hunt around for the best deal with little time expended.

Landlords Insurance Quotes

We believe our group Landlords Insurance Scheme provides excellent value for money.

Within the scheme landlords 'group together' and we shop around to find the Insurance company that will provide the best combination of cover and premiums for the 'group'.

To date our claims history has been very good so we are able to deliver low rates.

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Our Landlords Insurance Policy provides:-

Insurance from a well known insurance company.

A Landlords insurance scheme that has been 'Tried and tested' by 1000's of landlords (clients of Award Winning Landlord Mortgages)

'All risks' of material loss or damage in respect of buildings and/or contents.

Hefty discounts for portfolio landlords.

Hefty discounts on buy to let mortgages for all insurance clients.

Landlord Mortgages are authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

Other Notes:-

As a buy-to-let landlord it’s essential to protect your investment by insuring its buildings and contents. While traditional home insurance may still cover you, there are extra risks involved when tenants are occupying a property, which means you may want to consider getting specialist landlord’s insurance.

When you’re letting a property that was your home, it’s vital to inform your existing insurer you are doing so or your policy could be null and void. Your insurer may be fine with this, although it may want your tenants to meet certain criteria, and may offer you the same cover for the same premium. “If your existing insurer says it will cost more, look around for another policy,” advises Malcolm Harrison, spokesman for the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

Landlord Mortgages provide a group landlords insurance scheme. Group schemes provide greater value to the individual landlord who wants to insure one to five hundred properties. is a trading name of Landlord Mortgages Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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