The first thing you need to know about Landlord Insurance, otherwise known as ‘Buy-to-let insurance’ is it is there to protect a landlord’s investment in property.

As a Landlord, the money you make from your let property forms a significant chunk or all of your earnings.

Traditional home insurance does not include money earned from a property, so in buying Landlord insurance you can help to stop interference to your cash-flow if a catastrophe occurs.

Landlord insurance can be bought by all landlords, from those with one property to those with a large, mixed property portfolio.

There are a bewildering number of landlord insurance policies on the market so do your homework. Typically, landlord insurance falls into three main categories: landlord building insurance, landlord house insurance and landlord contents insurance.

Each insurance provider has its own set of criteria to establish the premiums you will pay but typically it is based on your risk – so put simply, the least likely you are to make a claim the less money you will pay.

Reducing this risk in the eyes of the insurer will help to reduce your premiums. One good way is to install security devices such as alarms and CCTV to guard against theft; smoke alarms and fire extinguishers will help to prevent fires engulfing a building and save lives.

If you can afford to pay up front for your landlord insurance it will save you money in the long run. The more manageable monthly installments offered by landlord insurance providers may look attractive if money is short, but hefty interest rate charges will be added to the cost of your policy.

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