If you rent out your property for business or trade purposes, it is vital to have an adequate commercial landlord insurance policy in place.

Commercial landlord insurance is the same as buy-to-let insurance, but will also safeguard any business that is taking place within the property. It also protects tenants that use part of the building as a home or to work.

Commercial landlord insurance is unlike standard landlord’s insurance, so do your homework and get advice from an insurance expert to ensure you fully understand what you are buying and that you take out the correct level of cover.

Commercial landlord insurance is highly recommended; disaster can strike at any time and fire, floods, burglary, vandalism and riots are a sad fact of life. Many landlords agree that the peace of mind that comes with having a comprehensive insurance in place generally outweighs the cost.

What does commercial landlord insurance cover?

This policy typically covers a property for many types of businesses- including shops, public houses, cafes, offices and restaurants.

Commercial landlords insurance protects against risks such as fire, flood and water damage, smoke, theft and damage caused by acts of vandalism.

It can also protect your property against riots, strike or political disturbances.

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