Problems for landlords come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some big, some small and some just plain irritating.

Below we flag-up the most common claims landlords’ make on their landlord home insurance:

One of the most common claims among landlords is ‘escape of water’. This type of claim often occurs as a result of poor plumbing or pipes – a burst pipe can cause enormous water damage in a property. Flooding arising from such an incident can affect lots of properties; for example, if your property is situated on the top flat, a bathroom leak can drip into the flats below every easily.

The risk of flooding and water damage can be avoided by regular checks on your pipes. By making sure they are in good working order and joins are secure, you can avoid a big problem, especially in winter when freezing conditions increases the likelihood of them bursting. It is well worth taking time to show your tenant where they can find the emergency stopcock land how to operate it.

Accidental Damage
Accidental damage to fixtures and fittings such as carpets and curtains and bathrooms and kitchens is the second most common claim.
Accidents can and do happen at any time and only rarely is damage caused by a deliberate or malicious act. One way to avoid the chances of this happening is to carefully vet your tenants and ensure they have no criminal charges against them. Be selective and clear about who you want to rent your property, for example, a group of young party loving students are more likely to cause damage to your property than a family with one small child. It is also worth giving careful thought to how you furnish your property in the first place, for example, laminate flooring that can be easily cleaned is a far better choice than carpet.

As global warming creates more temperamental weather patterns the risk of storm damage to your property increases. Clearly these “Acts of Gods” are out of our control but there are steps you can take to protect your property against storm damage, for example, ensuring holes are sealed up and roof tiles are secure, keeping gutters unblocked and securing your property with good quality doors and windows will help to prevent serious damage, especially in high-winds.

Malicious damage
Malicious damage is another common claim amongst landlords.
This type of loss is difficult to protect against. For example, how can you stop a drunk hurling a brick and smashing your window?

It is well worth taking extra precautions if your property is situated in an urban area, close to the night-life. For example, fitting reinforced windows and secure locks, installing security systems that can be clearly seen from the street may be a strong deterrent.

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